The Helen O’Grady Drama System is an extensive original programme designed to achieve:

The Helen O’Grady Drama System provides a secure, consistent, positive learning programme in which all children can grow and develop without fear of failure.


Enthusiasm has nothing to do with age, but everything to do with attitude. The most effective way to get an enthusiastic response is to make an enthusiastic approach. Our Drama System enables teachers to maintain a high level of energy and enthusiasm and impart these qualities to their students. Enthusiasm is contagious and with it comes success.

Positive Approach to Life

A positive approach to teaching works wonders. Out system encourages teachers to set realistic goals at all levels of development and to give positive reinforcement at every step.

Ongoing Confidence

The Programme we offer in the Academy is one of SELF DEVELOPMENT. Our primary aim is to give children ongoing confidence through a carefully structured, progressive system. It is not our intention to produce ‘stars’, but rather to help all children realize their creative potential by tapping into the natural interest that all children have to increase their confidence, communication skills and creative talents.

Enhanced Self Esteem

Some children have all the confidence in the world when they are at home, but display a les positive attitude when they are away from the people they love. Some of them appear to be shy or introvert, while others put on a brash and aggressive face to make any insecurity they feel. With all too many children, these feelings persist through their teenage and adult yeas, putting a cloud over their entire i\lives. When they know the thoughts and emotions they want to express the thoughts and emotions they want to express to their thoughts.

Effective Social Communication

This is developed through creative role play which a fundamental about human relationships expressed in language. It involves discovering feelings, experiencing new situations and trying to understand different points of view. By assuming many different roles, children can learn more effectively to numerous ‘real life’ social situations. Both at school and later in the workplace.

Skill in Verbal Communication

It is becoming increasingly obvious to parents that in today’s highly competitive world, it is the confident, articulate person who succeeds. In order to complete for limited opportunities, skill in verbal communication is vital. The young person with a relaxed, confident manner, clear articulate, speech, good eye contact and attentive listening skills, stands a far better chance of securing rewarding employment.

In our classes, students are encouraged to express themselves in whole sentences from the higher beginning. Because of this enormous impact of personal computers and television and the hours of passive viewing by many children, it is sometimes necessary to teach the most basic conversational skills. Therefore, the importance of verbal communication and language development is stressed throughout the programme.


A great amount of time and effort has been spent in developing our curriculum, which encompasses a unique and extensive range of activities, designed to capture the imagination of children of all ages.

The Salient Features

  • Introductory activities, which combine physical activity with spontaneous unstructured speech called Ad-libbing.
  • Structured Speech incorporates elements like Projection, Articulation, Forward Placing or Jaw and Lip exercises.

  • Movement incorporates Body, Space, and Weight awareness. These lead to better co ordination of various parts of the body.

  • Improvisation, which is a play performed by students using all the above components, teaches them to work together as a team.

  • Snippets and Mini-scripts, which are individual acts, motivate the students to shed their inhibitions and respond confidently to any other situation.
  • Conclusion, which is also a high-energy activity coupled with unstructured speech brings the fun filled class to a close!