The Methodology

Activities covered in classes include speech, creative movement,  structured improvisation, dialogue development and mini-scripts. Our students are always encouraged to contribute original ideas. However, because there is a vast difference between ‘free expression’ and ‘free for all’; all improvisations are carefully guided and controlled by the teacher. As students advance, their work becomes more structured, progressing to semi-scripted work and finally to a fully scripted production at the end of the third term.

New teaching methods ensure that Academy students receive maximum benefits as the Academy teachers are able to impart these benefits to their students most effectively. Accordingly, all principals and teachers within the Helen O’”Grady network of branches receive comprehensive training in the highly specialized Academy teaching methods.

All material comprising the Helen o” Grady System has been devised with a view to ensuring its timelessness and universality. Therefore, the need for constant revisions is necessary. A regular review process ensures that revision is carried out wherever necessary or appropriate. The aim is to maintain a process of improvement and updating where necessary, but not often enough to disrupt the smooth operation and continuity of the programme.